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Important Information

Surnames in this database have been standardized. If you don't find the surname you are looking for, go HERE and use the FIND function in your browser to search for the surname to see how it is entered in the database. The first column is names as they are spelled in the vital records books. The second column is the names as they will be found here.

The reason for doing this is, of course, that many names were spelled in a multitude of ways, even by the same record keeper. Names such as Hobart, Hubbard, Hibbard, Hobbart, etc., were used interchangeably in the early days, and to help limit the number of spellings that might need to be attempted, I have grouped them all under one name, i.e., for the above listed names they will all be found under Hubbard. However, the notes for each entry show the listing as it appeared in the Vital Records Book.

For marriages, the entry notes are listed under only one spouse, usually the husband but not always. If you don't see the notes under the spouse you are searching for, click the link for the other spouse and they should be there.

Other Useful Information

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List of Standardized Surnames This is the list of surnames as entered in the record books, and their equivalent standardized name as used in this database.

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