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Other Links

The Next Generation  Homepage for TNG (The Next Generation) Genealogy Software. This software is for presenting a genealogy database on the web, and is the package I use for my Family Files section. It is designed to be used to either present information uploaded in GEDCOM format from a desktop genealogy program, or to be the sole genealogy program, edited and maintained on the web. It can be used "out of the box" by beginners, or can be endlessly customized by those with PHP, CSS and MySQL experience.

GEDCOM Utilities  These are some neat, small utilities for working with GEDCOM files.  GEDSplit is what I used to split off the files used on this page.  It allows me to have a private file with all relatives, including all my living family, and completely remove them before posting to the web.

Cregan Privacy Pages This is the same as the link at the top of this page.  A good explanation of why you should worry about your family's privacy before posting your family files to the net.

Cyndi's Web Construction Kit  A lot of excellent help resources and advice on building your own genealogy web pages.

Cyndi's List  Probably the most popular and best known genealogy search pages

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild  There is a good chance of finding your immigrant ancestors on these pages, but remember the spelling may be different from the spelling that you are familiar with so be sure to search soundex equivalents and other possible spellings.  One of my ancestors had his name spelled 3 different ways on the 3 lists associated with one ship, and none of the 3 spellings was the same as the name is spelled today.  Search by date, ship, Captain's name, or passenger's name.

USGenWeb Project  Links to county web pages.  Some of these are excellent.

Family Search Internet Genealogy Project  This is the Church of the Latter Day Saints web site.  Family Search has many scans of original records, and transcriptions of original records. The Family Tree Files, however, are submitted by members. Use them for clues, but verify with other sources. Obituaries  Ancestry is a subscription site. Birth, marriage and death records.  Ancestry is a subscription site.

Please note the graphic at the top of this, and some of my other pages.  It will take you to a page about safe genealogy. 


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