Civil War Pension File of Louis Castor

This is the entire pension file of Louis Castor as I received it from NARA.  I scanned and named the files in the order that they were in the packet I received.  Some file names end in a, b, or c, which usually indicates they are the other side, or another page of the same document.  The reverse sides often contain nothing but date stamps or folder information, but I've included them because they are part of the complete file.

Throughout this file Louis' name is spelled "Lewis," however, this is the spelling used by the Americans.  Louis himself was illiterate, so did not spell his name in any particular way.  I use the spelling more common among the French-Canadians, which is "Louis."  Louis was French-Canadian and was born Ludovic Firmin Bachelet dit Cassista and assumed the name Louis Castor when he settled in Vermont, and later in New Hampshire.

In the index, the files are in chronological order, as much as possible, which is not necessarily the order they were in in the packet.  In a few cases there was a small amount of information on a very large sheet, so I trimmed the excess "white space" to reduce the file size.  If the page was a form, I did not trim it, even if there was nothing on the lower half.

The file sizes are rather large, but making them smaller made them difficult to read.

Descriptions in Blue indicate that the document contains genealogical information

You are free to copy and use any of these scans in any way that you like, as long as you don't charge a fee for accessing them.



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