Hannah Fales' Bible

The scans on these pages were made from photocopies of the pages from Hannah Fales' Bible.  The photocopies were sent to me by K. Litwin, the current owner of the Bible, and are used here with her permission.  For permission to use them yourself, please email her at kathyliny@hotmail.com

There seems to be some confusion as to whether there were two or three James Fales before Nathaniel.

In the book "The Fales Family of Bristol, Rhode Island" by DeCoursey Fales, only 2 are listed, the one married to Ann Brock and the one married to Deborah Fisher. The book "The History of Thomaston, Rockland, and South Thomaston, Maine, Vol 2" by Cyrus Eaton says there were three. The book "Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700" by Frank R. Holmes says that James Fales came to this country in 1630 and was born about 1600 (but doesn't note a source for this information), which would be too early for the James married to Ann Brock unless he came as a baby with a parent.

The first page of the photocopies of the Bible says:

The property
Hannah Fales
which was
The daughter of David Fales
which was
The son of Nathaniel Fales
which was
The son of James Fales
which was
The son of James Fales
which was
The son of James Fales, who came
from Chester in Old England
And settled in
in the State of Massachusetts
United States of America

This Bible could be the source used by the two books that support an earlier James than the one married to Ann Brock.

On the second page of the photocopies, however, is the following:

"James Fales the First (First is underlined as if to emphasize it), came from Chester, in Old England, being the only one of that name, that came to this country.

"He settled in Walpole in the State of Massachusetts.

"He had two Sons.

"James Fales his oldest son, had eight children.

"Nathaniel Fales was the Fifth child of James Fales."

On that page she only appears to mention two James Fales. It could be, though, that she didn't state one separately. James that married Ann Brock had 8 children, 4 of them were sons. Yet she said the first James had two sons. So if his eldest son was the one that married Ann Brock and had 8 children, he would be the second. When she states that Nathaniel was the fifth child of James, she didn't say specifically that it was the James mentioned previously. She could have meant it to be understood that it was one of the 8 children of that James that was father to Nathaniel.

On the third page she says that Nathaniel was the son of James Fales of Dedham....  In the next paragraph she says that James Fales of Dedham was the oldest son of James Fales of Walpole, who came from Chester in Old England, and goes on to list his other three sons.  Since, on the first page she had said that James Fales the first had only two sons, it seems that the James Fales of Walpole mentioned on the third page would be one of those two sons.

This is only conjecture until some evidence is found to either prove or disprove that there were 3 James Fales before Nathaniel. But because she named 3 on the first page, and because she said the first James had only 2 sons, I think it's plausible.


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