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I do my best to verify my information, but in genealogy there are always some conclusions that cannot be proven. As much as possible I provide sources of my information. You are free to use whatever you like from my site. All I ask is that you please give credit for the work that I've done, as I try to do for others.

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Rhoda Harvey
Rhoda Harvey

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These are my father's parents (Nicholson-Emerson) and my mother's parents (Castor-Blanchard).

My father's family were mainly German, French, English, Scottish and Irish. My mother's family were mainly French, Swedish and English. Five of her ancestors were on the Mayflower.

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Nicholson-Emerson Castor-Blanchard
J Winifred Nicholson
Dolores Emerson
Clyde Castor
Emily Blanchard


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